About Us

Our Executives

Joe Resotko
Chief Executive Officer

Joe has been a passionate animal advocate, rescue volunteer and a forever pet Dad for over 40 years. Over the years he has tried to capture animals emotions, expressions and relationships through his photography to show others that they have feelings too, that animal’s have family relationships and feel pain and sorrow as we do. We believe that there is no greater love than the love of a rescued animal. Joe has dedicated his life to helping these unfortunate animals.

Lady Lillian Resotko
Chief Furry Officer

Born on Valentines Day in 2014, she became part of the JMA family in early May that year. Her kindness and playfulness has served as an inspiration to Joe. Also, she keeps his feet warm when working at his desk while working many hours to help her fellow furry friends.

Jill Resotko
Chief Snuggle Office

Jill became a part of the JMA Family in November of 2015.  Her career has included foster homes, and a dog hoarder. Ever resilient, she has fit right in with the JMA Family providing inspiration and warmth with her snuggles.

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