Art by Ed De Guzman


With the passion for art already stirring inside him at the very young age of 10, Ed de Guzman has since grown to be a skilled artist, specializing in various forms of art media, such as oil, acrylic, color pencils, gouache, water color, pastels, and the combinations of these.

He has made the world a bit more colorful with his works of art; much of which are personal sketches in his art pad, oil paintings on canvass hanging on the walls in the homes of prominent men and women in society and politics, wall murals in residences, public places, as well as government buildings all over the country.

Yet even with such creativity and beauty oozing off of him through his art, Ed never forgets where all of it comes from. He has since given his life to Jesus Christ, serving the Lord in various ministries in his communities, a global family of Catholic communities that serve the Lord in Faith, Hope, and Love.

Ed now lives with his wife of 26 years, May. The joy they share in their married life is a shining example to other couples of the beauty of divine marital love that can only come from God.

JMA Creative Group is proud to bring to the world the wonderful art of Ed De Guzman. The reproductions from original works are only available through JMA Creative Group. All these products are created here in the USA for superior quality. We use the finest material available and all are double checked for quality before shipping.